Get to know your Realtor

 The pacific northwest, the area where I went to school, raised my children, worked, and lived since 1988. I’ve called this place home most of my life. So how does that benefit you?  Because this is where I grew up which means I’m privy to intimate details and idiosyncrasies in the neighborhoods in which I specialize. This includes knowledge on different school districts, crime statistics, commute patterns, the best places to dine, locations with access to entertainment, recreation, and more. 

 So what matters most when hiring the agent that will represent you in one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make? Trust, experience, communication, integrity, knowledge, passion, competence, reliability, acumen? How about all the above? In contrast, there is one skill that only 3% of all realtors currently possess. Can you guess what it is? It’s the art of skilled negotiation. 89% of consumers say that negotiation skills are highly important when selecting the agent that will represent them. This important statistic is what drove me to attain a formal education on the subject and become a certified negotiation expert. When choosing me as your agent, you will rest assured knowing that I will passionately negotiate on your behalf to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

If I may let’s discuss for a moment the uncomfortable fact that buying or selling a home is rated as the second most stressful event in people’s lives, next to divorce. But here’s the truth, it doesn’t have to be. When choosing to work with me, my competence, passion, and enthusiasm can actually make the experience fun and exciting.

In conclusion, whether you’re planning to buy your next home, invest in real estate, or sell your property, you'll have the assurance of working with a competent professional that will passionately represent you and your best interests. Because In the end, my goal is to build a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime. Cheers to our future successes together!


Mick P Hanson